About Us

Sara and Erica.  Mother and daughter.  Bank marketing director and college journalism major.  Fifty-something and almost twenty-something.  Both lovers of style.  But the story actually starts in October 2012…

I’m on the steering committee for our local Wayne County Foundation Women’s Conference.  Every year we get requests from the attendees for a workshop on dressing professionally.  We searched high and low and couldn’t come up with anything – until the committee asked me to present.  And that I did.  And I had so much fun, that I decided to keep the conversation going.  My daughter, Erica, has graciously agreed to join me in this conversation to represent the younger audience.

Let’s be clear – I’m no expert.  I do believe, however, without a doubt, that stylish women – translated to women who care about how they present themselves – are often considered more professional than those who do.

Let’s also be clear about what style means to me.  It’s confidence, individuality, and remembering that we don’t have a second chance to make a first impression.  I believe that it doesn’t take an extreme make-over or lots of money to be a “woman of style”.  And I believe that woman love to share.  So let’s get together and all become “women of style”!

Thanks for visiting, and please continue to come back!



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