Do you doodle?

Time to play!

Time to play!

I follow a Paleo lifestyle.   Yes, it was a huge lifestyle change for me, but it makes sense. After almost a year, I have 2/3 of it down — the eating, the exercising. The last 1/3 is my downfall — the playing.

I won’t go into the history or explanation of a Paleo lifestyle. But I’d like the talk about that 1/3, the “playing” thing. Paleos are supposed to build into their lives a certain amount of play time. It can be playing ball with your kids, running in the park with your dog, or simply doing something fun that makes you happy. Believe it or not, this becomes a struggle for most adults to make this a priority – myself included.

I do, however, put a large amount of effort into cultivating my creativity. As a marketing person, this not only makes me happy, it helps me on the job. So, on one recent Sunday morning, I caught a 7-minute news segment on – what else – the power of doodling.

The segment featured Sunni Brown, expert, promoter and public speaker on the subject of doodling. (Don’t laugh! This is serious — she even has a TED Talk on the connection of doodling to increased concentration and comprehension.)

Intrigued by Sunni and her new book “The Doodle Revolution”, I ordered a copy and bought myself a sketch book. While I was waiting for book to arrive (which, by the way, is awesome!), I sat down to doodle. My first doodle page was a collection of “why I’m exceptional” in preparation of a particularly ugly meeting at work. My second page was exactly how I was feeling right before the meeting. And the third page was how I was feeling AFTER the meeting!

The most amazing observation that I had was how calming the act of doodling was. It was like time stopped, and I didn’t have any stress or responsibility for those 5 minutes during which I was drawing. Afterwards, my doodles became affirmations that I could refer back to in order to keep myself confident, happy, laughing – or whatever I needed from them.

OK, I guess that’s a little overboard for some. But I would encourage you to just try it. Get out a sheet of paper and a pen or pencil, and just draw for 5 minutes. It doesn’t matter what you draw or whether your drawings are any “good”. Just enjoy it.

Today I sprang for a package of colored pencils. I’m working on filling my doodle book – in anticipation of my second.

Happy doodling!

Click on the following link to view the CBS Sunday Morning segment featuring Sunni Brown.

Check out Sunni’s new book “The Doodle Revolution”.

2 thoughts on “Do you doodle?

  1. I love this idea. I knit during meetings and gatherings for some similar reasons as the recommended doodling. It focuses and calms me in a way that allows me to hear more of what is being said, instead of less. When people ask how I have the “patience” to knit, or doesn’t my knitting “distract” me, I answer with a resounding NO! In fact, I knit because I’m NOT patient, and so this keeps things moving in my brain and body. And, if I’m working on a simple pattern it doesn’t distract, it enhances my experience. (Added bonus, when I’m annoyed or disgusted with something going on, I can focus even harder on my knitting, and work through my annoyance so it doesn’t spill out onto the people around me in icky ways).

    Happy Doodling and/or knitting 🙂

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