Pick of the Week

imageFor those of you who are newcomers to my blog, I make a recommendation once a week called the “Pick of the Week.” This recommendation can be anything from a new accessory in the stores, to an smartphone app that will make your life a little easier.

This week showcases one of my favorite recent purchases.

Starbucks® Pour-Over Brewer & Mug Set

The white ceramic pour-over cone and matching coffee mug feature a distressed look and textured ribbing that create a unique, weathered feel. The manual brewing system – invented by Melitta Bentz in 1908 – is the one of the best ways to brew delicious coffee. The single-serve brewing system regulates flow to allow for the full extraction of coffee flavors – and it’s so easy to use. Just place the ceramic cone over the mug and brew. Dishwasher safe. $16.95

I work in an office where we aren’t allowed to have anything that plugs in (for safety reasons). We also have THE WORST coffee. This is the perfect solution for a delicious cup of coffee, fresh every time. And I can keep it in my office whenever I need a jolt!


2 thoughts on “Pick of the Week

    • Mandy, I bought my first pour-over filter when I lived in Germany. The coffe is so rich and smooth. Just make sure you have it ground by them. It should be a fine powder.

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