Pick of the Week

imageStarbucks – FREE

Even if you’re just a casual Starbucks fan, this app is really impressive. The main reason that I use this app is to pay for my coffee. It’s sort of like having a Starbucks prepaid card inside your phone. You upload money to the app with your credit or debit card, and when you are ready to purchase your coffee, food, etc., the barista scans your phone. Done. I love this feature, because I don’t have to worry about whether I have my card or not.

But this app keeps on giving. Here’s what else you can do with it:


Rewards – I love this part too. Sign up for the free rewards program, and you receive a star every time you purchase something. Once the purchase is processed, a little gold star plops into a cup. Thanks to these little bits of instant gratification, I just celebrated my promotion to Gold status!

Messages – As a member of the rewards program, I receive periodic messages from Starbucks offering me free music and app downloads, and limited-time specials on drinks and food.

eGifts – Send someone a Starbucks gift by e-mail. Last week, I sent both of my college kids a $5 eGift and told them to “have a coffee on Mom.” They loved it, and I did it all from my phone.

You can also locate stores and see the Starbucks menu from within the app.

Convenience and cool at the same time – Why not?

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