How We “Make it Work”

imageWhen life gets in the way, women make it work. Really, we do. It’s pretty amazing. We’re pretty amazing.

You might be wondering where I’ve been all summer. At the risk of making excuses, I’ll tell you…

On May 20, my athletic, high-energy and over-achieving husband had a hip replacement. We knew the recovery would be rough, because he doesn’t sit still for more than 10 minutes, but the pain was at its climax. The good news was that the recovery was only 6 weeks, and not only would he be driving and back to work, he would be back on his bike. It sounded reasonable…

…until 9 days after the surgery, when he decided to sit out in the sun for a few minutes. He sat down on a flimsy chair, it flipped, and he came crashing down. I guess I should also mention that he’s 6’5″ and 200 lbs. The pain was excruciating, and we were worried.

Back to the doc we went the next day for an x-ray, which showed everything was fine. But for 3 weeks after that appointment the hub kept telling me that something was wrong. When I couldn’t stand to hear him complain one more time, I suggested that he call the doc again. So we went back the next day for a second x-ray. This time, there was something wrong.

When he fell, not only had he torqued the heck out of the hip appliance enough to shake it loose – he broke his femur!! The fracture wasn’t visible in the first x-ray, because it was hidden behind the stem. Over the 3 weeks (when he was complaining — the poor man!), the stem was pushing the fracture further down the bone around to the front, where it was visible in the second x-ray.

So on July 3, the hub went into a second surgery, this time much more complicated. They basically started from scratch, wired the whole mess together, and put him back on a walker and a no-weight-bearing status for another 6 weeks.

The good news is that last week after 3 months, he was released to drive and walk on a cane.

The moral of this story is — that after 3 months of basically being confined to the house when I wasn’t at work, serving as caregiver-chauffer-chef-housekeeper-wife-mother-and general gopher, burning through an entire year of vacation time in 3 months, I made it work. For better or worse, he’d do it for me, even the kids pitched in — we made it work.

So when you’ve had a really hard day, and your boyfriend needs to vent, or the baby only wants you, or your son needs help with his homework, or you hit the door and your entire family asks what’s for dinner before they ask you about your day, remember – we do it not because we’re martyrs, or because it’s “our place” (gone are THOSE days sisters!). We do it because we are capable. We are women, and we are amazing. Pretty damned amazing…

By the way, if you’ve been following my blog for some time, you know I love Tim Gunn, designer, teacher and mentor on Project Runway (and father of “Make It Work!). I tweeted this picture to him last week of us taking my son to college and “making it work”. I’ll let you know if I get a Retweet!

@TimGunn - Taking my son to college. I told him we would "make it work", and we did!

@TimGunn – Taking my son to college. I told him we would “make it work”, and we did!

2 thoughts on “How We “Make it Work”

  1. So wonderful to hear from you, and now I understand where you’ve been all of these weeks while we’ve been missing you at knitting. Glad to hear that all is on the mend, but what a summer! I’ll be very happy to see you when you’re able to be back with us.

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