Bang for Your Fashion Buck

imageOne of my favorite things about the fall season is the Vogue Fall Fashion issue. This year, you get 902 pages for the regular price of $5.99. You can’t beat that for one of the best fashion bargains of the year, and it’s the only issue where the ads are just as useful as the features!

Every year, I wait until it appears on the newsstands in late August. Then I start flipping through. I take my time – sometimes it takes me all of September to get through it – but by the time I’m finished, I can pretty much predict what’s going to trend for fall and winter. I’ll warn you that they use this issue to really stretch their “weird”. But even though the models are wearing bright green eye shadow or fur underwear, if they’re all wearing platform wedge boots, you might consider purchasing a pair of platform wedge boots.

So go out this weekend and buy your copy before they sell out. When I get through my copy, I’ll give you my predictions for the coming season, and we’ll see how close I get when it’s all over!


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