My latest FO

imageWhen most people think of the word “shawl”, they think of a cold, old woman sitting in a rocking chair.

When I think of “shawl”, I think of rectangular, triangular, semi-circular, circular, square; wool, cotton, silk, cashmere, bamboo, camel; “where do I start…”

My latest finish object is a rectangular shawl (also known as a wrap or stole) that I made for my upcoming trip to Spain. The weather there is still chilly, and it will make an excellent layer for the long airplane trip.

For my knitting friends:

Pattern: “Dunes” by Gena Wich (

Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Taria Tweed – merino wool, llama and silk

Any shawl lovers out there??



3 thoughts on “My latest FO

  1. I love your shawls – they are functional and fashionable. It sounds like the perfect accessory for your European visit this spring!

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