The Workshop – Part 1

imageOn Saturday, I attended a workshop put on by my friend, Mandy Ford (This Girl’s Life blog).  Mandy is also a blogger, and one of her loves is art journaling.

The workshop was based on positive reenforcement through journaling and the creation of mini vision boards called Truth Cards. Since women tend to use negative thoughts to express themselves, the idea was to encourage ourselves to think positively.

I had a ball with both of these exercises. The first was a sort of free-form journal writing with a prompt. Our prompt was to write a letter to our bodies or body part in a positive way. While others struggled as emotions bubbled to the top, some even in tears, I jumped on the “swing”, threw my head back and started pumping. Here’s what I wrote…

Dear Legs,

We’ve certainly been through a lot, both good and bad.

You became an issue very early on — back in the late 60s and early 70s, before the invention of tall girl shops, The Gap extra long or online anything. We made it through, though, with the help of flowered fabric sewn to the bottoms of my bell bottoms and a lot of effort stretching while wet.

Today we are still together, and I celebrate you every day with pencil skirts, high heels and skinny jeans. Even though I affectionately refer to you as “freakishly long”, you are the envy of my vertically-challenged friends. Thanks to Eddie Bauer and Old Navy online, I no longer have to embellish my jeans to fit in socially. Oh, and have I told you lately that you’re still lookin’good after all these years?

I still have to work on you — those kick boxing and spinning classes are killers – but I feel like I owe it to you. Aches and pains, stiffness and spots, we’re in this together until the end. Thanks for never letting me down and always lifting me up – literally!

What would your letter say?

3 thoughts on “The Workshop – Part 1

  1. That worskshop sounds fantastic, Mandy! And thank you for sharing your letter to your legs, Sara. Your such a gifted writer, even when it is writing to yourself 🙂

    I can understand why it was an emotional process for some participants. There are some parts of myself that I need to be kinder to – and that brings up lots of emotions. I think my letter at the moment would be to my inner-self reminding me to be kind to all of me, my insides and outsides. That stretches the prompt a bit, but I’m extremely critical of most parts of myself, to my own determent. I’m pretty good at giving latitude to others (not perfect, but good), but I don’t extend that to myself. So that would be my letter.

    I’m hoping to do some art journaling after I saw an amazing example of it in my Faith, Fiction and Philosophy class at Bethany over the weekend.

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