imageI was standing in line at the grocery store recently looking at the magazines, and eyes wandered over to a recent issue of O Magazine.  I’m not really an Oprah follower, but the huge word “Confidence” across the front of the magazine made me buy it.  It turned out to be  full of really good articles that every woman should read, and I had the idea to write a little about confidence, or our lack thereof, on the blog.

I am a militant and passionate believer in women.  Although faced with my own struggles over the years, I have been blessed with strong female role models, and I have grown up to believe in myself and to be proud of my accomplishments.  I have few regrets, and I am truly happy.  But the part that I haven’t figured out is how I can help other women feel the same about themselves.

That’s actually one reason why I started writing this blog.  Yes, the premise was originally about style and how to dress appropriately for the office.  I’m certainly no more of a fashion expert than I am a brain surgeon.  I do, however, believe that women as a community are a powerful, influential and just darned amazing group, and we could be so much more is we all believed in ourselves.

So this week, we’re all in this together.  I’ll share some of the lessons that I have learned and tools that I have found that you might also find useful.

So, to make a LONG story short, check out this amazing website.

The Brave Girls Club

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