Vroom Vroom!

imageAccording to the recent edition of the NY Times online mag “Collection”, leather motorcycle jackets are on-trend for spring. But these aren’t your typical black leather — let’s talk COLOR!

Bold, pastel, metallic, designers seem to have covered every angle. Styles vary, but all of them keep to the cool, edgy short shape with zippers – lots of zippers.

How sexy (and stylish!) is this? I love this trend. As you can imagine, the designer versions are priced in the thousands of dollars. However, there are leather retailers who offer quality products for much less. Below are some examples from Wilson Leather, all with price tags under $300.

I would SO wear any of these. What do you think about this for you?





2 thoughts on “Vroom Vroom!

  1. Oh, I would DEFINITELY wear one of these!!
    I wonder how long it will take this trend to make it to Indiana?

    • Rhonda, I’d say about as long as it takes for one of us to go out and buy one! I’d love to have one for my trip to Spain in May, but I don’t have the extra cash right now.

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