The Countdown Begins!

imageI apologize for the short hiatus. Thanks for sticking with me.

The countdown has begun. Seven days until my daughter and I leave for Spain!

Two years ago, she studied in Oviedo in the north of the country. Now we are going back to revisit the area, and I will meet her host family. I am as excited about spending a week with her as I am to return to Europe for the first time in over 10 years.

So I thought this week we would talk about traveling – planning, organizing, what to pack, how to pack it – well, let’s just see what we come up with between now and then.

For this week’s Pick of the Week, I have 2 fabulous resources for your trip, an app and a book.

imagePacking Pro ($2.99)
Available for both the Iphone and Ipad, I love this app. It comes filled with long lists of possible actions and items that you click to add to your own personalized lists. Checklists start with things to take care of at work and at home before the trip and continue right through until the items go into your luggage. You can even customize the colors and themes according to your preferences or the type of trip.

I’m a list junkie, and it makes planning a trip so convenient. When I think of something that I don’t want to forget, I grab my phone and add it to my list.

imageThe Butler’s Guide to Running the Home (and Other Graces)
( $16 hardcover, $12 Kindle)

My uncle, who lived in London for many years, gave this to me as a wedding gift. The author is a well-known and respected butler in England who trained many others to go on to work for the royal family at Buckingham Palace. Although it may sound a little high-brow, it’s really very practical. And the part that I’ve used the most (and recommend) is how to pack.

I spent 20 years in international sales, and I traveled overseas about 50% of the time. I packed everything in my luggage, including my business suits, and they would arrive wrinkle-free and good-as-new. This little book is a great gift for anyone.

Announcement: Our Next Giveaway!

This time, we have a twist on the monthly packages. It’s been 5 months since I started my blog, and it’s time for me to kick it up to the next level. I have lots of fabulous people reading the blog and “liking” my posts, but I’d be so excited if you all would consider following me. So as soon as I reach 100 Followers, they will each be entered into a drawing for our prize package that will include:

  • A very special souvenir of Spain that I will pick out exclusively for the blog;
  • A set of (4) of my photo notecards featuring scenes of Oviedo and the area;
  • A lotion bar from Sweet Annie Soapworks.

So follow the blog, share with your friends, and I’ll let you know when we reach 100!


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