The “LBD”

Number 7 on our list is the Little Black Dress — which takes me back to my 30s, to the perfect LBD…

It was a double knit fabric, perfect for my travelling lifestyle (I was in international sales for a large corporation), long sleeves, fitted, and a kicky little knife-pleated hem.  I paid about $150 for it, which was a lot of money back then, but I felt like a million bucks in it.

It was versatile – I could wear tights and flats to the office in the winter, and high-heeled black pumps and pearls out to dinner or to a work event.  Believe it or not, that dress carried me through more than 10 years, and I finally retired it, not because it didn’t have any mileage left, but because it no longer fit my curvier post-baby body.

These days, the LBD comes in an infinite number of fabrics, fits and designs.   To help sort through all the possibilities if you’re in the market for a new LBD, here are a few tips for dressing different body shapes  from Fitness magazine.

The Pear
Try a halter dress. It will accentuate your shoulders and take the attention away from your hips.

The clean, elongated shape of the sheath makes you look taller. Make sure the length hits you right above the knee at the narrowest part of your leg.

The Apple (or square torso)
Your straight up and down shape needs waist definition. Look for a dress that is shirred or gathered at the waist.

Accentuate your middle with a V-neck dress. It opens up the chest, drawing the eye downward, and makes your waist look smaller.

Plus Size
The wrap dress is the best style for just about every shape, especially the fuller figure.

Now, take a look at these gorgeous dresses that I found on

Do you have an little black dress that you love? If so, let us know, and include how you accessorize it.











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