What is a “Shoe Bummer”?

imageShoe Bummer [shoo buhm-er], noun

When you come home on Friday night, exhausted from an insane week, to find a huge box at the door from DSW with 3 pairs of shoes that you ordered for your trip to Europe, that, once you open the box, are even cuter than you expected, and when you rush to try them on, not one of them fits.

Remedy — a giant peanut butter brownie.  I feel much better.

I hope your weekend is a giant peanut butter brownie!

4 thoughts on “What is a “Shoe Bummer”?

    • Yes, I will send them back. DSW does have a very forgiving return policy. The problem is that my foot is a large 10, a d they normally don’t offer 10.5. It’s just trial and error.

  1. I feel ya! It can be so hard to get shoes over the Internet – one really does need to try the shoe on, really FEEL it! I love shoes and so it is heart-breaking to get your hopes up and be disappointed. Try again!

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