Check out this gorgeous collection by Dolce & Gabbana. The shoes are works of art, and the fabrics are really unique.

And thank you to for the use of her post!


Hey everyone,

how are you? Hope everything is fine. Here this stupid cold isn’t going away -.-

Anyways, maybe from the title you understood what will be the subject of my next post, the new collection of D&G.

I know there are so many posts about it but I could not make one about it. Today I was checking their Facebook Page and saw some new more detailed pictures about the heels, purses, crowns… The details are so amazing. well, i think the pictures speak for themselves.



D&G_heels (1)imageD&G_heels (2)D&G_heels (3)D&G_heels (8)D&G_heels (7)D&G_heels (6)d&g (9)

d&g_backstage (24)d&g_backstage (14)d&g_backstage (13)d&g (14)d&g (12)d&g (20)d&g (21)d&g (22)

d&g (19)d&g (5)d&g (6)d&g (10)d&g (13)d&g (16)d&g (18)

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  1. I’m not sure how I feel about this as a fashion trend. I think that the inspiration is beautiful. But, in context these glittering objects of worship make more sense to me than the ostentatious use of crosses and icons to show that someone has a lot of money to drop on fashion. I’ll have to think a bit more, because generally I’m a fan of the sacred and secular mixing, but this one isn’t my favorite trend.

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