Fashion Worship

imageI don’t remember how I found this site, but I’m absolutely ADDICTED! It’s simple – page after page of complete outfit ideas. I’ve already spent hours on this site, and I’m sure there are more coming.

I like to use this site not for outfits that I would like to buy, but rather for ideas about how to put together pieces I already have. Add a pair of khaki pants here, a necklace there, and you can refresh a tired wardrobe for the next season.

This is the way I like to use it: I open my Pinterest account, browse the web for, then pin outfits that I want to refer to later. If you create a Pinterest folder specifically for your pinned outfits, you have a whole file cabinet of combinations. I can’t wait to start building my spring and summer wardrobe!

If anyone has any other similar websites or blogs that they visit regularly, I would love to hear about them.

2 thoughts on “Fashion Worship

    • I agree. I’m going to Spain in May. Space will be limited, and the weather still unpredictable, so I’m planning on using these outfit ideas to help me plan for that trip.

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