Yes, you CAN wear leggings!

imageI really like to wear leggings or skinny jeans with my boots. Almost every time I do, I end up in a conversation with another woman who has a dozen reasons why she can’t wear them.

Everyone thinks I have an advantage because I’m tall. What they don’t realize is that being 50-something with freakishly-long legs (36 inch inseam) isn’t always an advantage. I have my limitations too. But leggings are not one of them.

Anyone can wear leggings. You just have to find the best way to wear them for your body shape, age, environment, etc. Here’s how.

1) First, you need to cover up “the bits”. Unless you’re 20 years old and extremely fit, the booty should be nicely tucked away where the sun don’t shine. We’ll talk about different ways to do that in a minute.

2) Second, buy the right size. Don’t be afraid to go a size larger than what you normally wear. If the waist doesn’t fit (either too small or too bit), you’ll be yanking them up all day. (Don’t worry about them being too long. You can either roll them up inside your boots, or pull them down over your heel for a nice, snug fit.)

Let’s talk about what goes on top. I think a nice length is just below the widest part of your thigh. But if you like a longer look, go for it. Whatever makes you feel comfortable. Here are three option.

imageimage The Cardigan

Cardigans come in so many different styles. Pair one with leggings and boots, and you throw away all of those shlumpy sweatsuits!

The first cardigan pictured here is a nice choice, because it has waist shaping that helps create a more feminine silhouette. This one also has a nice lace detail up the front that you probably can’t see, thanks to the lovely dressing room lighting!

The second cardigan option is very feminine, with the ruffle detail, but still very comfortable. It’s lightweight, so it would carry you into the spring.

image The Tunic

A tunic top is a great option that can be worn almost all year round. The top that I’m wearing is Simply Vera by Vera Wang, and has a unique neckline. (This particular top is a little too short for me, but would work nicely on someone shorter.) It would also be really cute in the spring or summer with your leggings or ankle pants and ballet flats.

imageDon’t forget the dress!image

That’s right — if you’re a little uncomfortable about baring too much leg, why not consider a short dress? Don’t be afraid to check the junior department.

So what do you think? Is anybody game? Which way will you wear your leggings?

7 thoughts on “Yes, you CAN wear leggings!

    • Mandy, I like that look too. I’m going to Spain in May, and it will still be fairly cool. I’m thinking of taking a shorter dress, black leggings, ballet flats and a cardigan as a casual dinner outfit.

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  1. I’ve always been too self conscious of my legs to try skinny jeans or leggins but I love how they look with cardigans and boots, so I’ll have to give them a try.

  2. I used to be afraid of skinny jeans but once I got a pair I love them. I wear them with sweaters and long shirts all the time. I love how skinny they make my legs feel.

    I also do a lot with leggings in the winter. They are a great way to add a pop of color to an outfit!

    I like your suggestions, and I have just started experimenting with dresses over skinny jeans. I find they have to be really dark skinny jeans or I feel funny.

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