My Reckoning



If you’ve read the About Us section of the blog, you know how we got started.  Part of my presentation at the women’s conference was about purging your wardrobe.  And that means (da, da, da)…


I confess.  I’m not a very good example.  I’m blessed with a lovelywalk-in closet all to myself. And I have abused this luxury by letting it get out of control. I mean insanely. So I decided today to commit to remedying this problem by showing a picture of my closet in its current state to the entire Free World. There you have it.

One shelf...

One shelf…

...two shelves...

…two shelves..

...oh my!

…oh my!




Now that it’s out, don’t expect miracles in a few hours. My compromise is to do a little each week until it’s finished. Today, I tackled the two shelves and the shoe pile on the floor. Here’s my checklist to making this job as painless as possible.

Move it.

Move it.

1. Move Everything Out
I designated the guest bedroom as my staging site, and I moved the piles on both shelves and the shoes on the floor out of the closet

Separate it.

Separate it.

2. Separate it.

This is the hard part. I created 3 piles: throw away, donate to charity and keep/put away. You really need to do some very quick soul searching, and be ready to try things on. If you haven’t worn it in a while, if it has stains or holes, if it doesn’t fit, GET RID OF IT!

Put it away.

Put it away.

image3. Organize and Put Away the “Keepers”

I had kept my shoe boxes, but they were piled up in yet another closet. So I got them out, put the shoes back into them, and I marked each box with a Sharpie to make it easy to find them on the shelf. (My casual, flat shoes are on a shoe hanger on the closet door. This doesn’t work well with heels, because the hanger can distort the shoe.)

I do have one dilemma. That’s how to make my nice (and sometimes expensive) leather purses stand up so they keep their shape. I thought I might try cutting a large piece of foam rubber the shape of each purse and stuff it inside. If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them.



Done! (at least for this week) Next week I think I will work on the mystery boxes on the floor and my mountain of scarves.

So have I inspired you to organize? I challenge everyone to do one thing this week. Try cleaning out a drawer, organizing your purse or wallet, rearrange that pesky Tupperware cabinet – the possibilities are endless. Once you’ve completed your challenge, let us know what you accomplished.

And don’t forget to comment for a chance to win this month’s prize package. (The winner will be announced on Friday, Feb. 1).

6 thoughts on “My Reckoning

  1. I, too, have a wonderful walk-in closet which tends to gather ‘stuff’. A bag of clothes my husband wanted me to give away…last fall. A pair of white canvas flats with bright green shamrocks on them, a crazy birthday gift from my mom. (doesn’t she know I only wear heels!!!????) I have had on my ‘to do’ list since the women’s conference to clean out my closet but so far other tasks have crowded this one out. Guess I need to follow your advice and start with something – maybe actually moving the St Patty’s day flats and my husband’s discarded clothes to the car! 🙂

  2. I am struggling with how to organize my sock drawer. This might sound silly but I have so many socks and different types of socks that I spend forever in the mornings digging around trying to find the right ones for my outfit. I saw a suggestion in Real Simple to use shoe boxes but haven’t managed to get around to trying it out.

    I am also looking for suggestions for storing boots. I have a small closet so the boots get pilled up next to my night stand, which doesn’t seem like a great long term solution.

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