Viva Zapatos!

imageThat means, “It’s time to buy shoes!” Well, not really. I mean it IS time to buy shoes. Oh, never mind…

I just bought my airline ticket to Spain. My daughter and I are going in May to revisit the city where she studied two summers ago. I live to travel. Unfortunately, I haven’t been overseas since I left my international sales job in 2001. So, as you can imagine, I’m just a little bit excited.

But now I’m faced with the age-old dilemma – shoes. It’s always a huge question. I need something comfortable, because we will be walking most of the time, but I’ve never been a tennis shoe person (unless I’m working out). Of course, I want to be swanky but practical. After a long search online (at this point, I must recommend to anyone out there who might not have heard of this most awesome shoe store), I’ve narrowed it down. Here they are:

imageimageAnne Klein Seana flat

These are listed under the “Comfort” category on the DSW website, so I’m trusting that they have a little bit more cushion than the average ballet flat. I really like the simplicity, then there’s the tiny lace-up detail in back. So cute. I’m torn between plain black, gray snakeskin and leopard print.

Anne Klein Grandly Slip-On

I love driving loafers, but my eye usually gets caught when browsing by the really expensive ones. These are on sale, and I love the tortoise shell patent finish. Of course, I always go back to the plain black for practicality.

I’m confident it will come to me in a dream…

Do you have a go-to travel shoe?

2 thoughts on “Viva Zapatos!

  1. I love my Clarks. I have an adorable pair of purple flats that I wear all over the place when we travel. I also like my Dansko professionals, but those aren’t nearly as stylish and really only work for cold weather.

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