How do you stay stylishly warm?

How do you stay stylishly warm?

Yeah, I’m sure you know that by now. But how many of you stood in front of your closet this morning trying to figure out what to wear?

It doesn’t look like it’s warming up any time soon, so here are some tips for staying stylishly warm at work.

Of course, the obvious would be the turtleneck. But as an alternative, consider snug-fitting tanks. I wear men’s tank undershirts (Hanes, dirt cheap) in a size smaller than I normally wear. They trap body heat and don’t add any extra bulk in the sleeves. If you want to go “girlier”, check the lingerie section of any department store for silk long underwear. They have cami versions as well.

Long-sleeved t-shirts from the Gap or Old Navy are also very effective at keeping me warm. They are very lightweight, and the scoop neck comes down far enough so that it doesn’t show under another shirt.

Tights & boots
You may not believe me, but I actually am just as warm in tights and boots as I am in pants. Tights come in all different colors if you want to go funky. If you work in a more conservative environment (like me), stay monochromatic – all black, brown, gray (my favorite).

Bring the outside inside
Wear wool scarves or cowls as indoor accessories. Today I wore a plain cardigan sweater with a shawl-collared cowl that I normally wear with my coat. It looked like an “arctic necklace”, and I stayed toasty warm all day.

Fingerless gloves
Years ago, I broke my wrist. Now when my office gets chilly, my hand starts to ache. So I keep a pair of fingerless gloves in my office desk drawer for really cold days. They say that if you keep your wrist pulse points warm, it actually warms up your body temperature. When it’s really cold outside, you can layer them over a pair of plain gloves for extra warmth, and when it warms up, wear them for driving. Fingers free!

I can’t say enough about shawls. Use them as an extra layer over your coat, then throw over your shoulders when your office gets cold.

Cardigan sweater
Whether you prefer the Jackie O-inspired 50s version or a big, chunky cardigan jacket, both can give a suit a run for its money. Belt the cardi jacket over a pencil skirt, white shirt and chunky necklace; or wear your Gap long-sleeved t-shirt underneath, and hide the neckline with a beautiful silk scarf. Either way, you’ll stay snug all day.

Inauguration Update: So what did you think of Michelle’s picks? I was very disappointed in the navy suit, but the chiffon and velvet red dress? – Breathtaking!

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