Kick it up with color!

imageSome days I just feel old…

When I was younger, I never thought I was vain enough to care about my age — that is, until I turned 5

Now at 50+4, I sometimes feel like I’m 154.  Maybe it’s because my kids, who always made me feel cool, are gone to college.   Who knows.  Or maybe I just need to KICK IT UP WITH COME COLOR!

Feeling very average one day, I decided buy some red lipstick.  I used to wear red in the 90s, and I always felt very chic sporting garnet-colored lips.  I’m not so sure the color I bought is the perfect one, but it was definitely what the doctor ordered!

If you’re considering “going red”, here are some tips on how to do it from (I’m intrigued by the Pixi Lip Blush.)

So how do you “kick it up” when you’re feeling blah?


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