No way, no how!

imageDressing “appropriately” sometimes feels like a full-time job.  Is this appropriate for my age, the office, the event, the season — AAARGH!

Well, here’s a list of things that More Magazine claims NOBODY should wear EVER!  Take a look and let me know what you think.

Do you disagree with any of these?  I know for a fact that I’m NOT getting rid of my flannel pjs — no way, no how!

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6 thoughts on “No way, no how!

  1. Most of that is common sense, I think, though I have worn tights with cuffed, knee-length shorts with heels to work once or twice. Guess I need to re-think that. I’m glad that nude hose were thumped – go for color!

    • I went wild the other day and bought a pair of gray tights! Actually, they are pretty cool. If I didn’t work in such a conservative environment, I’d have them in every color!

    • I agree that most of it is common sense. I was sort of surprised about the nude hose. I like to wear black tights in the winter. But I normally wear suits, and I work for a bank with a conservative dress code. So I can’t imagine going without!

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