What’s wrong with “Comfy?”

One of my "comfy" outfits

One of my “comfy” outfits

It was Saturday, it was cold and snowy, and I needed to tackle the grocery store. My preference was to just stay in my pjs. So, what’s wrong with comfy? Nothing, if you just use a little common sense. Here’s an example of how I do it.

Fleece tunic – This top is so soft, and I love the funnel neck. It’s a great length for my age, since I don’t want everything hanging out. (For you younger ladies, you might want to go a little shorter.) American Apparel (downtown Chicago. Check them out online — they have tights in just about every color of the rainbow.)

Skinny jeans — These are SO comfortable. They are stretch denim, but don’t have any zippers or pockets to cause a lot of lumps and bumps. And here’s my big secret — they have an elastic waist! (I once told my daughter that if I ever even go near the elastic waist pants, she should shoot me dead — right here, right now! But these pants are my exception.) Daisy Fuentes at Kohl’s.

Tip: The secret to buying skinny jeans is to make sure the calves aren’t too tight. If you have fuller calves or thighs, try straight-leg jeans instead.

Boots – I love this pair, because they are very loose in the leg, making it really easy to wear them with jeans or heavy socks. Mid-calf boots are also popular and are really cute with leggings or skinny jeans.

Do any of you have any favorites for those “comfy” days? Please feel free to comment.


Each month, I will give away a package to the lucky winner. Each month will include a different challenge for a chance to win!

Here’s your December Challenge: If money were not an issue, what would be at the top of your Christmas list? (And even though “world peace” would be great, let’s be honest! This should be something just for you.)

Enter your answer to the above question in the Comment section of any post from now through December 31. I will announce the winner of the December Challenge on the blog on New Year’s Day.

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