Day 3 – It’s in the bag!

Margot Day Bag by Eponymous New York

Margot Day Bag by Eponymous New York

My wish list wouldn’t be complete without a handbag.  A girl can never have too many, you know!

So today were talking about a bag – a REALLY nice bag.  The Margot Day Bag by Eponymous New York.

This gorgeous leather satchel not only comes in three colors, you can buy interchangeable panels to make this bag new every day!  Everything from exotic leathers to fabric panels for summer, it’s almost like having a different bag each every day of the week.

Handbag:  $2,195

Panels:  $595 to $5,195



The winner will be announced on New Year’s Day.  See previous posts for details.



One thought on “Day 3 – It’s in the bag!

  1. I love the look of these bags, but I am (gulp) not a huge purse/bag maven. A couple years ago, I bought the Miche bag to avoid having to keep changing bags. The Miche bag is a base bag with outside jackets in just about any color or style which is attached with magnets at the opening. Convenient, but guess what – I still don’t change the jackets that much even though I have several. I must be lazy – or hoping my shoes will steal the show! 😉

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