Day 6 – The Six Things I Will Never Have

Burberry Trench Coat

Burberry Trench Coat

I originally promised 24 days of Christmas-giving suggestions. At this point, I figure that everyone is pretty much finished with their shopping. So I thought it would be fun to share with you for the next 6 days items that I will never have. The first item on that list:

The Burberry Trenchcoat

Really, any one will do. I like the style of this particular model.

The trench coat was actually created by Burberry to keep soldiers warm and dry in the trenches during the Boer War of 1895. The coat’s current form was developed in 1914, for soldiers in WWI.

Original military details that remain design details of modern trench coats are the epaulettes (for extra ammunition), throat latch, hook and bar, back rain shield, the D-ring on the belt (for grenades), the cuff straps and the storm flap on the right shoulder, which can button over the coat’s wrap to keep the rain out. Military issue coats were long, and soldiers would then have them shortened for daily wear when they returned home from active duty.

Cost (for the above design) = $1,795


A monthly drawing – That’s right, I’m going to bribe you to read my blog! Seriously, if you’re reading this blog, we have something in common. So why not make it really fun to participate in the conversation.

Each month, I will give away a package to the lucky winner. Each month will include a different challenge for a chance to win!

Here’s your December Challenge:
If money were not an issue, what would be at the top of your Christmas list? (And even though “world peace” would be great, let’s be honest! This should be something just for you.)

Enter your answer to the above question in the Comment section of any post from now through December 31. (I will be posting every day from now until then.) I will announce the winner of the December Challenge on the blog on New Year’s Day.

December Prize Package!

December Prize Package!

The December prize package includes:

– A beautiful Jones of New York scarf
– A copy of “Loss, Love and What I Wore” (Great little book!)
– A lotion bar made by my friend Julie Shank.

One entry per person. Good luck!!

2 thoughts on “Day 6 – The Six Things I Will Never Have

  1. If money were no object right now, I would purchase a brand new, over the top shiny ridiculously gas-guzzling Cadillac Escalade with all the bells and whistles. Sure, I wouldn’t be able to park it in my garage, but then if I can have my Escalade, Momma can get a bigger garage, right?

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