Day 14 – Not just for Granny anymore!

The modern wrap.

The modern wrap.

If you know me very well, you knew that this would come up – that’s right.  The shawl!

I consider my shawl to be a staple in my wardrobe.  Please don’t leave!  Let me explain…

I discovered shawls when I discovered hand-painted yarn.  I had only been knitting for a few years,  and I fell in love with a beautiful skein of yarn that looked like a Monet watercolor.  Then I found Ene – an Estonian lace shawl pattern.

So I bought both and embarked on my first lace project.  After many hours and lots of frustration, I  decided that I wasn’t ready, and I tucked it safely away.  I finished out three years later, and I still feel beyond chic when I wear it.

So before you say you’re not a shawl person, think about the following:

  • Have you ever bought the perfect dress for a special event, and the weather turned cool?  Now what do you do?
  • Do you find yourself irritated with air-conditioning in the summer, and you end up covering up that cute dress with the old cardigan on the back of your office chair?
  • Would you like to add another season to the expensive trench coat you bought in the fall?

The answer to all of the above is a shawl?   they make beautiful gifts, and once again, they don’t have to be expensive.

Pictured above (Left to right):   Woven fabric wrap, about $10; my “Ene”; another of my projects, a Shetland lace pattern in a wool/silk blend.

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