Day 18 – My Favorite Accessory!

All from Forever 21 - each under $10!

All from Forever 21 – each under $10!

The Bracelet.  And I’m not talking the expensive, dainty tennis bracelet.  I’m talking big, chunky, costume, don’t-break-the-bank bracelets!  You talk about a way to express your individuality!

Metal, plastic, leather, wood, string, beads, rhinestones, – you name it.    Be subtle, or make a statement – literally.  (I bought a bangle for Erica last year at Coco’s in the Depot.  Ivory plastic with big black typed letters that said, “Dare to Be Different.”)

Where to find them:  small boutiques for unique pieces.  Any department store or women’s clothing store.  My favorite:  Forever 21.  Most of their bracelets are under $10.

3 thoughts on “Day 18 – My Favorite Accessory!

  1. I work in a professional environment yet still recently got a simple tattoo on my inside left wrist so wearing a wide bracelet has been helpful in keeping that ink art private. I will check out Forever 21 to widen my disguise – really like the ‘dare to be different’ bracelet you mentioned.

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