Day 20 – Pin It!

Part of my collection

Part of my collection

With a vintage brooch, that is!

I love brooches.  In fact, I love wearing them almost as much as I love giving them.  They can tell a story, or they can just be fun.

Madeleine Albright, former U.S. Ambassador and Secretary of State, probably has the world’s most interesting collection.  It started after the first Gulf War when she criticized Saddam Hussein during U.S. sanctions against Iraq.  The Baghdad press referred to her as an “unparalleled serpent.”  She wore a golden snake pin to her next meeting with Iraqi officials, and a tradition was born.  She now refers to them as her “personal diplomatic arsenal.”

There is a traveling museum exhibit featuring 200 of her favorites, and a book was written about her collection called “Read My Pins.”

(You can watch an interview with Ms. Albright talking about her collection here.)

Visit any antique or vintage shop, and you will find jewelry.  For those of you who are local to Wayne County, I would highly recommend The Enchanted Sleigh in Centerville where I’ve found most of mine.  Or better yet, ask permission to search your mother’s or grandmother’s jewelry box!

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