Day 22 – Meet Me for a Cocktail…Ring!

My Favorites

My Favorites

Cocktail rings are so much fun, and you can buy them anywhere.  Small and dainty, big and blingy – match the model to the personality.

I talk a lot with my hands, so I love to wear funky rings.  The more unique, the better.  And that one little shot of accessory can make your whole outfit.

Pictured here are 3 of my favorites.

Front:  Rhinestone square with red leather band.  I found this one in a restaurant gift shop in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  $8.

Middle:  Big, black, sparkly.  This is actually Erica’s, but I like to wear it too.  It has a stretchy band which fits many size fingers, and helps the bauble to stay put.

Back:  This yellow plastic flower came from a global fair-trade shop.  They had a big basket of them in all different colors.  $3.

Where to find:  department stores, small boutiques, accessory shops – Don’t forget to look on the counter at the register.

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