Day 23 – Get Organized!

Pursfection Portable Purse Organizer

Pursfection Portable Purse Organizer

I have a closet full of purses, and I love them all.  But let me ask you:

How many times have you had the perfect purse for your outfit, but you dreaded moving all of that “junk” from one to another?  

How many times have you been in line and had to dig through all the “junk” in the black hole called the bottom of your purse?  

How many times have you been just 5 minutes late, because you stopped to move all the “junk” to another purse?  

Well, I apologize for sounding like a TV infomercial, but you need the Pursfection Portable Purse Organizer!  Seriously, I found this gem on QVC one day when I was bored.  It sounded like a good idea, so I ordered one.  My life hasn’t been the same since that day.  

OK, a little melodramatic.  But I LOVE this thing.  It keeps me organized, and literally takes me 30 seconds to change purses.  And if you don’t think this is “good enough” for gifting to a swanky person in your life — buy her a lovely purse to go with it!  

(Click on the photo to go to amazon for more details.)

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