I’m overwhelmed!

imageWhy?  Because it’s almost 2013!  Let me explain…

I love change.  No, really.  I love change.  And this time of year, the opportunities are endless.  I get so hyped up by what I’m going to try in the coming year, my mind goes into overdrive.  So I’ll try to stay composed while I write this post.

I don’t make resolutions.  They are too easy to break, and who needs more guilt in their life.  Instead, I make a list of things that I can do to make my life better.  It usually  involves some sort of taking care of myself, and always organizing – but it also includes things that I’m going to try, learn or accomplish in the coming 12 months.

First on my list — resurrecting the art of the hand-written note.

I remember a November about 30 years ago when I visited my uncle in London.  As the Editor of the European Newsweek, his social schedule was packed, especially this time of year.  In the foyer of his apartment, on a little table was a sterling silver bowl that held all of his invitations to holiday parties, weekends, dinners, etc.  Beautiful paper, hand-cut cards, elegant script.  No e-vites back then.

And so we come to my first new year opportunity – resurrecting the art of the hand-written letter.  But there are two parts to this opportunity:

Part 1:  homemade cards — I went out to the craft store and looked around at the paper supplies.   I gave myself a budget of $20, and I purchased materials to try my hand at my own greeting cards.

Part 2:  my horrible, illegible handwriting.  The many years of being in a hurry, plus a mild case of carpal tunnel syndrome, have resulted in script that I wouldn’t be able to read an hour from now.  And so I’ve become a slave to my technology.

I googled “how to improve your handwriting,” and surprisingly, there is a  multitude of articles on this subject.  Did you know that you can actually reteach yourself how to write with a little practice?  And so is my second challenge.

My vision of “stylish communication” is a classy woman sitting at a Queen Anne desk writing a note by hand with her fancy pen on her personalized stationary.  Even though my version is a Bic pen on materials from Hobby Lobby, I plan to picture myself behind that desk in 2013!


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